Lake District Palette


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Introducing the Lake District Palette — inspired by the stunning landscapes that stirred the creative impulse of the English Romantics. This poetic palette of artisanal watercolors is perfect for landscapes, seascapes, botanicals, or wherever your own creativity leads.
On our quest to bring well-crafted ideas to life, 20/20 Press teamed up with Berkshire artist Jamie Gray of GreyStone Arts. Working in her Berkshire studio, Jamie hand-mills and pours small batch colors using quality natural-earth and organic pigments enveloped in a binder of Acacia gum and local honey. Free from fillers and non-toxic, clove oil acts as a natural preservative while perfuming the palette with its warm spicy scent.
These handcrafted watercolors differ in texture and coloration from commercial counterparts and we hope you will enjoy the natural beauty of this limited-edition handmade palette showcasing the splendor of the Lake District.
Since we are unable to take returns due to the product nature or change of mind, please place your order thoughtfully in order to fully enjoy the natural beauty of this handmade product.

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The Lake District Palette

Inspired by the stunning landscapes that stirred the creative impulse of the English Romantics, this sublime palette captures the vastness of nature with depths of emotion. Ideal for landscapes, botanicals, and art journals, the poetic colors of the Lake District Palette are exquisite on their own or can be mixed, blended, and layered with one another to produce a wide variety of pastoral hues. Hand-milled in small batches from ethically sourced quality earth and organic pigments, the colors are enveloped in a natural binder. Clove oil perfumes the palette with its warm spicy scent while acting as a natural preservative.


The set contains six watercolors:
Windermere Named for England’s largest lake, this primary blue has a unique granulating quality that’s perfect for capturing water and sky.
Hay Meadow Named for the traditional meadows of the Lake District, this warm yellow ocher perfectly encapsulates the golden hour.
Foxglove This multidimensional pink gives depth to wildflowers and subtlety to sunrise and sunset skies.
Hedgerow This deep green possesses a granulating quality and is ideal for capturing field and flora.
Graphite Named for the rich mineral deposits of the area, this semi-transparent and granulating gray is ideal for intense skies, rock walls and stones, and adding depth to your work.
Chestnut This dark warm brown is excellent for capturing the beauty of the natural world.

We think you’re going to love painting with these sublime colors as much as we do but please note: Colors may differ slightly from what is seen due to screen calibration. The Lake District Palette has a range of translucency & opacity while each pan possesses good to excellent lightfast rating. Though made with non-toxic ingredients, they are not for consumption and care should be taken to keep them out of reach of small children or animals.

While naturally occurring cracks or tackiness may appear due to change in climate during the drying or shipping process, this does not take away from the integrity of the paint. We suggest activating the colors by adding a drop or two of water a few minutes before painting. Handcrafted watercolors differ in texture and coloration from commercial counterparts.

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